Mountain Lion Discovered By 9-Year-Old Boy In Elementary School Bathroom



That would certainly make a fella jump when you were going to the bathroom during class time.

Cougars or pumas are large cats that are known for being absolute killers. Cougars in Brazil are known to be the largest wild cats in South America, with males weighing up to 220 pounds and measuring up to 8 feet in length from nose to tail.

Cougars are solitary animals and are generally afraid of humans. As human populations continue to expand into cougar habitat, more encounters are bound to happen. These animals come into human areas in search of easy food that  can be found.

In Brazil, cougars have been known to attack and kill livestock, which can result in conflicts between farmers and the predators. They normally stay clear of people but attacks can happen.

This is exactly the kind of animal we don’t want roaming the halls of a school.

But, it happened.

The kid in Brazil went to the bathroom during class only to find the most horrifying thing ever.

The video shows the kid opening up a bathroom stall only to see a hissing cougar looking pretty angry.

That’s one kitty you don’t want to mess with.

Everyone came out okay and the cat was removed, but talk about the scare of a lifetime.

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