MLB Reporter Nails Kid In The Forehead With Baseball On Live TV

MLB reporter

If you ever played baseball growing up, then you’ve probably experienced the pain of getting hit square on the noggin with a ball.

It doesn’t matter if somebody barely tosses it to you from only a few feet away. If it hits you in the face, it’s not gonna feel good.

So imagine getting hit square in the face with a baseball as a toddler, and it all goes down on live TV…

Nightmare fuel.

During an Arizona Diamondbacks spring training game, an MLB reporter who was reporting live turned around and asked a near toddler-aged fan if he was going to catch the baseball she was gonna throw to him, while he was sitting in his dad’s arms.

The boy shook his head yes, and the reporter tossed a high heater straight into the kid’s forehead.

I mean good Lord, that hurt me just watching from behind my laptop.

And the worst part about it was the sound it made. Now I’m not sure if this was an added in sound effect or not, but it sounded bad enough to make my whole body cringe.

The reporter was quick to apologize, while the dad just stood there laughing like crazy, so it’s good to see nobody took this one personally.

But needless to say, the reporter is gonna catch some serious hell for this one, as her fellow hosts were laughing hysterically back at the station.

Tough scene:

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