Ashland Craft To Release “Danced With The Devil” Next Friday

Ashland Craft country music
Mickey Bernal/Getty Images

I can’t wait to hear this whole song.

Ashland Craft shared on Instagram that she’s releasing “Danced With the Devil” next Friday, March 10th, and it sounds like it’s gonna be really damn good.

She teased the song about a month ago and I was immediately intrigued, as I love the imagery she paints in the chorus comparing the guy she met at a dive bar to the devil, saying “he didn’t look a thing they said he looked like”:

“I danced with the devil last night
In a little dive outside of Dallas
And he didn’t look a thing they said he looked like
But I danced with the devil last night”

Ashland has such an incredible voice, too, and I have a feeling this might end up being my favorite song she’s released so far:

“Available everywhere 3/10 🖤”

And if you haven’t checked her 2021 debut album Travelin’ Kind yet, you need to get on that… she’s one of my favorite up-and-coming mainstream artists at the moment.

Here’s a few good songs to start with…

“Make It Past Georgia”

“Your Momma Still Does”

“Last 20 Dollars”

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