Big Bison Gets Head Stuck In Car Window For Over 30 Minutes

Bison stuck in window

With all of these incidents involving bison goring visitors at Yellowstone National Park in the past year, I’ve found myself going down a rabbit hole of some of the wildest bison encounters people have experienced with these 1,000-plus pound creatures.

With that being said, I found this gem from last year, where a few visitors at a wildlife park in Quebec, Canada found themselves in a terrifying (yet kind of hilarious from a third person’s opinion) encounter with a bison.

Last October, Leonardo Heizer filmed a wild incident, where a bison had his head stuck inside a car window.

Heizer, who was traveling with his family to the wildlife park, and had full intentions of seeing a bison in real life since immigrating to Canada from Brazil four years ago, shared his story with CTV News:

“Somebody opened the window, and … the bison put the head inside the car, and I was shocked.

I was thinking somebody is going to get hurt for sure.”

As you can imagine, nobody was hurt, but the car took a beating from the massive bison:

“The windshield was damaged, and the column between the front window and the windshield was damaged too.”

Although it is uncertain how long the bison’s head was stuck inside the car, the video is only a minute long, but the caption claims it lasted around 30 minutes.

Lucy Robertson, a staff member at the wildlife park, weighed in on the wild occurrence:

“He wasn’t trapped that long so thankfully, it was just more panic rather than anything else, so he wasn’t hurt, and he managed to get himself back out, and he wasn’t hurt, so we’re very thankful for that. 

All of our safety rules have been put in place to avoid any incidents, such as what happened on Sunday, and just to ensure the safety of both animals and our visitors.”

The safety rules at the park explain that guests aren’t allowed to roll down their windows while driving through the bison enclosure, and as you can tell by the video, this is yet another example as to why the rules are in place.

Nevertheless, I can’t imagine the panic from both the owners of the car, and the bison itself.

Check it out:

Yellowstone Bison Tosses Dog Into The Air

That pit bull, named Mac, is one very lucky dog.

Richard, on the other hand?

Richard done messed up…

A video from 2014 has gone viral once again almost 8 years to the day, serving as a reminder that nature doesn’t play games, and dad has issues multi-tasking.

Taken in Yellowstone National Park, onlookers stopped their cars to marvel at the majestic creatures, when apparently “Richard” screwed up bad, lost track of the dog, and then this happened.

Mac goes charging for the bison, who, without much effort at all, truck sticks him into the air with a flick of the head.

Luckily, the dog ran off and was ok, but it could’ve been much worse. I mean, good thing they didn’t pull over to observe a mama grizzly bear and her cubs. Mac would’ve turned into dinner real quick.

But of course, the best part of the entire video…


C’mon, Richard.

The extended cut.

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Giant Wolf Spotted At Night In Yellowstone National Park

Hate to have that thing come after you…

Yellowstone National Park might just be the most incredible place in the entire United States.

No matter what time of day you go, what time of year… you’re always bound to see something incredible. Whether it’s bear, elk, wolves, or bison, you’re getting a front row seat to the best that American wildlife has to offer.

Siddharth Gandhi was able to catch an incredible moment on video (in 2017) when a massive grey wolf wandered onto a two lane road in Lamar Valley at Yellowstone National Park. His video racked up over 11M views to date.

This thing is a BEAST… I mean, it looks like a dire wolf straight out of Game of Thrones.

Equally as majestic as it is terrifying.

Check it out up close… nature is a beautiful thing.

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