Morgan Wallen Launches ‘One Record At A Time Sessions’ With Acoustic “Last Night” Performance

Morgan Wallen country music

Almost a month ago, Morgan Wallen announced that he’s dropping a massive 36-song monster project, One Thing At A Time, slated to drop on March 3rd.

Following the success of his smash hit Dangerous: The Double Album, he’s right back at it, and he discussed the purpose behind this new project:

“This record represents the last few years of my life, the highs and the lows.

It also brings together the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist… country, alternative and hip-hop. There are 36 songs on this album because we just kept exploring with fresh lyrics, music and production ideas and these are the songs that felt right to me.

It was a blast to create, and I was so grateful to be back in the studio to lay this out for my fans.”

And on top of that, he dropped three singles to go along with it, “Last Night,” “Everything I Love,” and “I Wrote The Book.”

Out of the three, “Last Night” has seen a ton of success, and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

With that being said, Wallen just dropped a full band, acoustic video for the song… what amounts to the first installment of the One Record At A Time Sessions.

Check it out:

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