Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh Helps Police Move A Tree Out Of The Road In Ann Arbor


Look at Jim Harbaugh out here doing the Lord’s work.

The Michigan head football coach has seen a ton of success on the gridiron the past couple of seasons, taking his team to the College Football Playoffs the past two seasons.

But now it’s the offseason, and how is he spending his time?

By helping law enforcement move trees out of the road.

Harbaugh was spotted in Ann Arbor, Michigan last night helping a police officer move a tree out of the middle of the road during an ice storm.

According to TMZ, he was helping the officer after he noticed he was having a hard time moving the tree out of the road.

The police department said they were surprised to see Harbaugh, but didn’t think twice about handing him a pair of work gloves after he lend his helping hand.

The department tweeted out about the incident, and gave their thanks to Harbaugh as well:

“After about ten minutes they were able to, inch by inch, get the entire tree moved to clear a lane for traffic to pass through.

We thank Coach Harbaugh for being a valued member of the Ann Arbor community and helping out Officer Cooper.”

They also shared the bodycam footage of the coach helping out as well, and you can hear the cop say:

“You’re a good man.”

Harbaugh joked right back:

“Hey, feel free to spread the word on that.”

Much respect.

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