Massive Alligator Captured After Roaming Orlando Neighborhood


That right there is a BIG boy…

Yesterday, authorities in Avalon Park, a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, captured an absolutely massive alligator roaming the streets.

We’ve seen other gators in neighborhoods, including when this dad caught one with a trash can, but honestly not one of this size.

While the actual length wasn’t given, this guy is well over 10 feet long, even with a good part of his tail missing, presumably the result of a tussle with a rival.

But it’s not the length that is most impressive about this beast… it’s the girth.

I mean, this guy is THICCC. He has to be pushing the 1,000 pound mark, just look at how wide its belly and what’s left of its tail is.

Unfortunately, when these guys get over 4 feet long they’re considered “nuisance alligators,” which means they cannot be relocated to a natural body of water. This is because they have a crazy ability to return to their home by feeling the Earth’s magnetic fields. Some have been relocated over 100 miles away and in just a few years are once again found swimming in the pond they were removed from.

So the choices are to find a wildlife rescue center willing to take the gator in or kill the animal for its hide and meat.

Given the size and age of this guy, economically it would make sense to go with the later method. That’s a lot of good meat and hide for some slick boots.

I will always love the Sunshine State.

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