It’s All Fun & Games & Chopping Down Trees… Until It Falls On Your Head

tree fall

Man, that backfired real quick.

A wise man once said, karma is a b*tch. And boy, that statement couldn’t be more true with this video.

It’s no secret that being a woodcutter is an incredibly dangerous job, which is why they’re trained at the highest level to make sure there is no risk of really serious injury, or even death.

Needless to say, you should leave woodcutting to the professionals, who actually know how to safely get the job done.

In this video, you see a dude carrying a small axe, and it looks like some beers laying there on the ground, and he somehow successfully cuts down a tree with it.

He runs back to the guy filming, grinning and laughing his arse off, as they watch the tree fall to the ground.

All fun and games, right?

No sir…

Because right after the tree hit the ground, the camera guy turns around, and as soon as he does it appears another tree falls right on top of him.

You can hear the guy yell:


Right before the video cuts off.

I mean, I hope my guy is okay here, right? Hopefully he didn’t break his whole body or anything, and I’m hoping he was able to walk away relatively unscathed, but these trees aren’t light.

Nevertheless, this should be a great reminder to actually have somebody who knows what they’re doing, and are aware of their surroundings when it comes to cutting down trees.

Also, destroying the environment? Not cool, bro…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock