Colorado Bar Calls Out Girl Who Clogged Toilet With Her ID… Earns $700 Plumbing Bill

Colorado bar

I think the worst job in the world may be the person who has to clean out the restrooms after everybody has left and the bar is shut down. Especially a real shithole college bar… the kind where the floor sticks to your shoes.

I mean seriously, can you imagine how disgusting those things have to be?

I’m sure there are some horror stories so scary that come out of those stalls, they would be too disgusting to even put in a movie.

And if the stories aren’t disgusting, it’s probably about someone who was being a complete pain in the a** and broke something in the restroom.

Just like this girl right here.

At Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon in Fort Collins, Colorado, some girl in her drunken state figured out a way to flush her ID and her mini-bottle down the toilet…

And it cost the bar a whopping $675.

The bar hilariously said in an Instagram post:

“This is why we can’t have nice things

Let’s review: Only things that come out of your body and toilet paper should go down the toilet. Do we have toilets out of order often? Yes. Is it because we don’t fix them? No. It’s because things like this are flushed on a weekly basis.

This one flushed ID cost almost $700  to remove.

Stop flushing things that don’t belong and we could spend that money on other fun things.”

And to add insult to injury, they posted this girl’s ID for the world to see (you can’t see her name or any other important information, but you can still see her face).

Man, I’d hate to be that girl.

Of course she didn’t do it intentionally, but she’s officially public enemy number one at Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon…

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A beer bottle on a dock