Bella White Releases New Honky Tonk Single “Break My Heart”

Bella White country music

Bella White does it again.

The talented young artist with an addicting voice releases a honky tonk-inspired single today, “Break My Heart.”

Last night she teased a silent clip of the music video she released alongside the single.

This sound is different than White’s typical melancholy bluegrass melodies that make you feel something, but this upbeat song still features her thoughtfully curated lyrics with a beat that would appeal to a more mainstream country listener.

The upbeat tune talks about preparing yourself mentally for a heartbreak that you know is inevitable, and the song’s pace almost disguises the meaning in the lyrics.

As she sings:

“I was always waitin’ for it to all fall apart
You said you had one foot out the door from the start
Oh, so it’s almost like you meant to break my heart…”

Your heart breaks a little as the listener.

And let me tell y’all, THE VOCAL SLIDES.

Bella White has an insane vocal range, and this song perfectly highlights the singer’s ability.

It was genius how they put the steel guitar to match her vocal slides, creating the perfect honky tonk twanger.

Bella White can do no wrong.

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