Zach Bryan’s Twitter Disappears Again, And His Instagram Is Gone Now Too

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The Zach Bryan Twitter saga continues… and this time, his Instagram account is gone too.

He previously deactivated his Twitter when tickets for his forthcoming Burn, Burn, Burn tour went on sale recently, because he noted that he “had to avoid Twitter” at the time.

And last night, he shared a post on his socials announcing the openers for his forthcoming Burn, Burn, Burn tour, where he restated some of the rules and restrictions of the tickets for this run.

He managed to evade going the traditional Ticketmaster route in terms of ticket sales, as he has been very publicly outspoken about his disdain for the company, opting to use private vendor AXS instead.

He shared the opening lineup in a now-deleted post on Instagram last night, adding that all venues will be checking people’s ID’s at the door to ensure that nothing shady happened with the tickets and that scalpers weren’t able to sneak in and misuse them:

“The Burn, Burn, Burn Tour is sold out. The marketplace for resale opens this Monday, February 27th.
You will be able to resell your tickets for any show (except Philly, London, Nampa, & Wichita) at original face value only, and not one dollar higher.

Please also note all venues will be checking ID’s to ensure name matching is consistent. Any non-matching ID’s or scalped tickets will not be permitted entry to the venue.


He also said that, while he’s certainly gotten shit for going the lottery route in an effort to ensure fair ticket prices for those fans randomly selected, he can’t wait to be out on the road playing for fans again.

Zach cautioned them to be aware of scams going on with tickets anywhere online, but especially on Instagram, as the only place you can buy verified tickets for these shows is via AXS:

“Besides all the shit I got for making prices fair, I am so insanely excited to play this year. I love all of you guys and I am so blessed.

Don’t believe anything in the comments offering tickets. I’m sorry if anyone has been confused or inconvenienced but it’s an apology I’m willing to make.

Goodnight, good riddance and God speed.”

That post is gone now because his accounts are down, but he did go back and forth with a few fans about the ticketing rules on Twitter last night, so I have a feeling that has to do with why he did this again.

Here’s just one of the interactions:

From what I saw on his Twitter before it was deactivated yesterday, it looked like there was still some confusion from fans about what exactly is and is not allowed in terms of who could use them, and there were also quite a few comments about how some were displeased with the system Zach put in place, which he also responded to.

As you can see here, his account is totally gone, and if you search it on Instagram, nothing comes up anymore and you’ll get an error message:

Zach’s bandmate and one of the openers on the tour, JR Carroll, seemed to speak to the situation himself on Twitter, saying that “the way some of y’all act so entitled is genuinely so discouraging,” adding that some fans were like a “bunch of spoiled brats” who didn’t get what they wanted on Christmas:

And of course, fans have a lot to say about it too:

For the most part, his process was relatively smooth, and when tickets opened up, the lottery worked, and fans got their tickets.

There were certainly a few bugs for them to fix going forward, but all in all, they seemed to pull it off and didn’t have any big site crash or anything like that.

Though of course, the real issue is that many fans were unhappy with the principle of a lottery system, because that meant many would be unable to even have a chance at purchasing tickets.

It seems like the hardest part of the process might be here and now, dealing with the aftermath of fans who didn’t have a chance to get tickets, who are understandably disappointed…

But the real problem here is that there are just too many people that want to see Zach Bryan and no matter what, there is going to be a group of fans that get left out. Concerts, sporting events, movies, etc… regularly sell out across the country every single day and that means some folks don’t get to go. It’s the nature of the beast when you draw the kind of crowd that Zach does.

Unless you want to start playing a 4pm, a 7pm, and a 10pm show on the same day like Garth Brooks used to do (and many big comedians still do), I don’t quite see how you can remedy that. Or, we start building 100,000 seat stadiums like Jerry World…

It’s a tough thing to manage when you care this much about your fans, like Zach does. He could easily put his tickets up for sale on Ticketmaster, play his shows, collect his money and not give a damn what anybody thinks.

But he ain’t built that way…

He cares… A LOT, so constantly berating a guy who is going above and beyond for his fans seems utterly absurd to me. But hey, all logic and sanity goes out the window the second the tickets go on sale.

But hey, if you are going, it’s gonna be a great show:

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