Drunk Hotel Guest Walks Around Corner & Right Into A Black Bear In California

California black bear Tahoe

That would make your heart rate jump in a hurry.

Running into any large animal is always liable to give you a good scare, especially if you are not expecting it. Make it a large animal that is known to… oh, I don’t know… kill people, and you’re really ready to shit your pants.

Black bears in California generally weigh up to 400 pounds, and closer to 200 pounds on average, and are the only bear species to reside in the Golden State.

As urban areas continue to expand in California, bears are increasingly coming into contact with humans. These black bears require lots of calories a day and will eat anything from roadkill and trash to nuts at the top of a tree.

Food draws these bears into these areas and leads to contact with people.

Bears are generally shy and will avoid people if they can. If they feel threatened or if they are searching for food they may be aggressive and even charge people, but actual bear attacks are really quite rare.

This intoxicated man is seen walking around the corner of a hotel in South Lake Tahoe, California without a worry in the world. Meanwhile, a hotel employee is filming a black bear digging through the garbage.

To the drunk man’s surprise, he nearly walks right into the backside of the bear, completely clueless about what’s going on around him. The man doesn’t see it until the guy filming says there is a bear and startles it.

Thankfully the bear was just as started as he was and takes off the other direction.

“I manage a Ski Lodge (hotel) in South Lake Tahoe on the state line between California and Nevada.

After midnight, I was filming a big black bear digging through our garbage, and our intoxicated guest walked right next to it.”

Dude’s gonna need another beer after that encounter.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock