Massive Sturgeon Jumps Out Of The Water Right Up Along The Side Of The Boat

Big sturgeon breaks surface

Now, that’s my kind of fishing.

I mean, I love most any type of fishing but having an absolute monster on the line jumping like that is definitely one of the biggest thrills you could get. This is what fishermen dream of.

White sturgeon are large prehistoric fish that are native to the Pacific Northwest. White sturgeon are one of the largest freshwater fish in North America and can grow to be over 20 feet long and weigh more than 1,500 pounds.

Fishing for white sturgeon is a popular activity in the Fraser River in British Columbia, as the area is known for its world-class sturgeon fishing. It’s definitely a unique experience, as these fish are powerful and take heavy duty gear to catch. It can take hours to reel in one of these beasts.

These sturgeon are known for jumping out of the water, and have been seen jumping several feet in the air in one jump. It is pretty amazing to see given how large these fish can be, even on a average of a few hundred pounds.

This fishing guide in B.C. got an insane video while his boat was out for a sturgeon fish. As a fisherman reels in a monster in comes straight out of the water towards the boat only feet away from the camera filming.

The fish flips its head back and forth as it tries to escape from the line, eventually crashing back down into the water.

The things I would do to be on the other end of that rod.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock