Luke Combs To (Finally) Release The Longtime Fan-Favorite Song “Joe” This Friday

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After a long time teasing “Joe,” Luke Combs is coming through and dropping the studio version this Friday, the third single from his forthcoming album Gettin’ Old.

Of all the already fan-favorite songs fans have been hoping would even make the last project Growin’ Up, like “5 Leaf Clover” (which he’s releasing on St. Patrick’s Day), I’d be willing to bet this one has been at the top of most of their lists.

Luke shared the news, along with a little acoustic teaser, on his social media channels last night:

“New song ‘Joe’ out this Friday, Feb. 24!”

He previously debuted the song with a stunning performance at the Grand Ole Opry back in 2021, and “Joe” was co-written alongside Erik Dylan and James Slater, as they chronicle the redemptive story of a man who battled alcoholism, and found the light “at the end of the bottle”:

“Seeing as I haven’t played in so long, I figured I would do a brand song for you guys tonight.

My buddy Erik Dylan showed up at my house the other day and he played me a song, a while ago that he had started with a guy named James Slater, and I just thought it was real awesome and we finished it together.

I guess the title of this song would be called ‘Joe’ so just hear me out and tell me what you think.”

This one never fails to bring the goosebumps:

Gettin’ Old will be out everywhere on March 24th, and includes 18 songs in total, right around seven months since the release of his 3rd career studio album Growin’ Up was released.

Luke revealed the tracklist earlier this week, which includes a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” in addition to an Eric Church co-write called “My Song Will Never Die.”

He previously released “Love You Anyway,” as well as the lead single “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old”:

Gettin’ Old Tracklist:

1. “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old” (Luke Combs, Rob Snyder, Channing Wilson)
2. “Hannah Ford Road” (Luke Combs, Jamie Davis)
3. “Back 40 Back” (Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Jeff Hyde, Driver Williams)
4. “You Found Yours” (Luke Combs, Thomas Archer, Dan Isbell, James McNair)
5. “The Beer, The Band, And The Barstool” (Luke Combs, Rob Williford, Reid Isbell)
6. “Still” (Luke Combs, Jamie Davis, Ray Fulcher, Dan Isbell, Dustin Hunley)
7. “See Me Now” (Luke Combs, Kenton Bryant, Ray Fulcher, James McNair)
8. “Joe” (Luke Combs, Erik Dylan, James Slater)
9. “A Song Was Born” (Luke Combs, Casey Beathard, Dan Isbell, Reid Isbell)
10. “My Song Will Never Die” (Eric Church, Travis Meadows, Jonathan Singleton)
11. “Where The Wild Thigns Are” (Randy Montana, Dave Turnbull)
12. “Love You Anyway” (Luke Combs, Ray Fulcher, Dan Isbell)
13. “Take You With Me” (Luke Combs, James McNair, Rob Williford)
14. “Fast Car” (Tracy Chapman)
15. “Tattoo On A Sunburn” (Lukes Combs, Ray Fulcher, Ben Hayslip, Dan Isbell)
16. “5 Leaf Clover” (Luke Combs, Jessi Alexander, Chase McGill)
17. “Fox In The Henhouse” (Luke Combs, Jamie Davis, Dan Isbell, Dustin Hunley)
18. “The Part” (Luke Combs, Kenton Bryant, Ray Fulcher)

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock