Emily Scott Robinson’s OurVinyl Sessions Is Pure Sonic Beauty

Emily Scott Robinson country music

This is a complete work of art.

OurVinyl Sessions has really created an awesome way to showcase many of the best acts in country music, bringing in some of the most talented artists for raw, but well-produced, acoustic performances that display their talent and the depth of their songs better than most studio recordings.

They’ve featured the likes of Tyler Childers, Morgan Wade, Cole Chaney, and now the perpetually underrated Emily Scott Robinson.

She released Built On Bonesa Shakespeare-inspired EP, around Halloween at the end of last year, and back in 2021 released her third studio album, American Siren, which absolutely blew me away.

Now we get to hear songs from her career in a new light with the release of her very own OurVinyl Session.

She set up and played 4 songs, each one phenomenal, but my favorite performance was probably the first.

“Time For Flowers” was released as a single in 2020 and is a beautiful song about overcoming hard times, realizing that regardless of the pains and darkness of today, a time for celebration and beauty will come again.

“And the time for flowers will come again
Maybe in one year, maybe in ten
There are days despair will win
But the time for flowers will come again”

She then went on to play “Better With Time”, the fan favorite “Old Gods,” and “Borrowed Rooms & Old Wooden Floors,” each of which is well worth the listen.

Absolutely love to see her in this stripped down setting, it’s truly where her songs shine.

Play this one when it’s dark and you want to feel the goosebumps on your skin.

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