Muscadine Bloodline Teases Sequel To “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” Ahead Of New Album

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Incase y’all haven’t heard, Muscadine Bloodline has a brand new album dropping this Friday.

The new project comes just over a year after the release of their epic Dispatch to 16th Ave. album, and they’ve released a number of stellar singles leading up to the premiere, like “Made Her That Way,” “Me On You,” “Evinrudin’,” “Cryin’ in a GMC,” “Teenage Dixie,” and “Inconvenience Store.”

Needless to say, it’s shaping up to be their best work to date.

However, there’s one song that they’ve yet to release, but will 100% be featured on the new album…

And apparently it’s a sequel to the Charlie Daniels Band classic, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

The band teased the song on Instagram, as you can see Charlie, Gary, and the rest of the band sitting around a campfire, as Gary introduces the song.

It appears the basis will be about how the devil packed his bags after his ultimate L to Johnny in Georgia, and headed on down to Monroe County in Alabama, where he ran into Gary’s grandfather, W.T…

And story has it, W.T. put an end to the devil’s shenanigans once and for all, and allegedly buried him somewhere in Monroe County.

But as Gary says:

“I guess we’ll never know.”


We all love to hear a great sequel song from time to time, and it’ll be intriguing to hear about what just happened to that devil after it left Georgia in shame.

Check it out:

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