Florida Couple Goes Viral For Pool Shaped Like Revolver: “You Swim Your Lap Down The Barrel”

Florida pool

Gotta love Florida…

A Pasco County couple has been the talk of the internet since photos of their uniquely shaped backyard pool started making the rounds on various news outlets after being discovered via Google Earth.

Louis Minardi and his wife, who ironically live off Gunn Highway, had the pool built about 40 years ago by Louis’ high school friend and contractor Albert Jones III, who had grown tired of installing typically shaped pools.

Albert got the idea from Louis’ past career as a gunsmith and wanted to base the design on a 1950’s Ruger Blackhawk, commonly associated with Wild West culture.

Louis spoke to Fresh Take Floridaa news service of the University of Florida.

“Neighbors that have bought houses around here have all come by. They’re all, ‘Is this guy a whack job?

You swim your lap down the barrel, It gets deeper on that end. You can flip over from it, and then you can swim back.”

He went on to speak about his upbringing with firearms and responsible ownership.

“I was the shortest, littlest guy growing up, and bought a damn 12-gauge. The times were different then. You’re 12, and your mother drops you off a box of shells and a shotgun. But they trust it. They knew we knew what we were doing.

If you’re qualified, mentally able to have one and protect yourself, I think you ought to have one if you want one, whether you keep it at home or you carry it with you.

But it’s like everything. It’s educating. It’s educating the people about the guns, how they work. Nowadays, most people don’t know anything about them.”

I guess we just have to accept that Florida will continue doing Florida things until the end of time.

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A beer bottle on a dock