4-Foot Alligator Removed From Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Lake


Floridians are not quiet about their dislike of so many New Yorkers moving south, but it looks like at least one Florida native was trying to make a new home in the Empire State.

Yesterday, maintenance staff at Prospect Park in Brooklyn discovered a 4-foot long alligator near Duck Island in the park’s lake and alerted Animal Care & Control, who was able to remove and relocate the gator.

The alligator was in rough shape as it is clearly not meant for cold weather and is being evaluated by the Bronx Zoo, which will be its new home if able to recover.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an alligator way up north, though.

A hunter in Minnesota shot one when it approached a white tailed deer he just shot and alligators were also spotted swimming around in Michigan’s Whitehouse Nature Center last year.

Officials believe the alligator was released by someone who was keeping it as a pet and could no longer handle the growing predator, so they turned it loose in the lake.

Can you imagine going for a stroll in the Big Apple and seeing that guy staring you down from the banks? Safe to say, it’s better for all that it was discovered while still alive and before it was able to take out any dogs or people…

Always have to keep a watchful eye out these days…

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