Watch Billy Strings Jam Out “Little White Church” With Crowd Of Other Bluegrass Pickers In Nashville

Billy Strings country music

This is what bluegrass is about.

Back in January, Billy Strings attended the SPBGMA, The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America, conference in Nashville.

Some of the best players from around the United States gathered in Nashville for some stellar awards and to jam and honor the style of bluegrass music.

In fact, one of the by-laws of the conference is that electrics instruments are not permitted at any SPBGMA sponsored or sanctioned programs (learn something new every day with that one)

It’s pickin’ and pickin’ only.

One of the event attendees captured this magical video of a packed room with Billy Strings standing in the middle performing the bluegrass classic “Little White Church” with other attendees. We got a handful of fiddlers, a couple upright bass players, multiple guitars, a harmonica… it’s a full-on group effort.

I mean, a maybe 12-year-old kid is playing mandolin in the crew… how cool is that for him?

The crowded room is filled with people spectating and with crowd members in the back strumming their guitars or playing their fiddle along with Strings.

It is a TRUE jam session…

This video is a site unlike anything I’ve ever seen from other artists, and it just makes me appreciate Billy Strings even more.

His love for the genre is so apparent, and his attendance at events like this ensures that younger generations see that bluegrass can get you on the big stage.

Here is another clip of the same group performing “Black Mountain Rag.”

The kid on the mandolin kills a solo in this video. The future of bluegrass looks bright.

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