Actress Alison Brie Surprises Her Husband Dave Franco By Running Naked Through Their Hotel

Alison brie dave franco

Talk about a BOLD move.

Video footage has gone viral of actress Alison Brie, who decided to help her husband and fellow actor Dave Franco to ease his nerves ahead of his big movie premiere in the best way she knew how…

And that was by running through the halls of Los Angeles’ London West Hollywood hotel butt-naked, and surprising him at their hotel door.

The 40-year-old actress wrote in the Instagram post:

“What to do when your husband is feeling anxious about his movie premiere.”

Sure enough, you see Brie sprinting down the hallway, charging directly towards the hotel door..

The caption reads:

“Waiting on Dave to answer… he thinks I’m in the shower”

After waiting a second, Franco opens the door surprised as all get out, and she says:

“Happy premiere night.”

Franco hilariously responded:

“Get out of the hall!”

And Brie assured him:

“I’ve done three laps already.”

The two were in LA for the premiere of their upcoming movie, Somebody I Used to Know, which was written by the both of them, directed by Franco and stars Brie.

Franco made an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where he discussed his wife’s wild move:

“As much as it was a shock to open the door, it was also the least surprising thing that’s happened this year to find her naked in the hallway of the London Hotel.”

Just imagine, you step out of your hotel room to go grab something from the snack machine, and next thing you know you see Alison Brie running past you butt-naked.

Hollywood is wild, man.

Here’s the trailer:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock