Watch 49 Winchester Perform “So Damn Sweet” Back In 2020

49 Winchester country music

I have been playing the fire out of this song recently.

“So Damn Sweet” appeared on 49 Winchester’s 2018 album The Wind, and over the years, it’s become a staple of their repertoire.

This 2020 performance was filmed at The Earnest Tube studio in Bristol, VA. The performance was initially shot for a Facebook live stream, but the studio also took their own film to share later.

The amped bass notes ring through your speakers as the break hits before lead singer Isaac Gibson comes in with the open lyrics.

Well she slows down for funerals
Never fails to make me smile
And when I get pissed off, yeah she gives me awhile
She ain’t the world’s biggest Brave’s fan
But lets me watch ’em anyway
Laying down beside her is the best part of my day…”

The steel guitar slides match the lyrics’ twangs perfectly, and the causality of “She’s just so sweet” being spoken after the first verse gives me chills.

“So Damn Sweet” is one of the most underrated love songs out there.

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