Zach Bryan Returns To Twitter After Unannounced Disappearance: “Had To Avoid Twitter While The Tour Went On Sale”

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Fear not, everyone. He’s back.

A little over a week ago, Zach Bryan sent his fans into a tailspin after mysteriously deleting his Twitter account.

Now, for some artists that wouldn’t really be a big deal – and there are many who you wouldn’t even notice if they left.

But Zach is pretty active on Twitter, announcing new music, tossing out random thoughts, and interacting with both his fans and his critics.

So when his Twitter account suddenly disappeared with no notice, fans were confused and wondering what was going on.

Well luckily, Zach is back on the bird app.

He just posted his first tweet since February 6, and also explained his mysterious disappearance:

“sorry guys had to avoid twitter while the tour went on sale I love you guys all so much and I’m so insanely happy and blessed”

Smart move my man. Smart move.

Zach’s referring to his Burn, Burn, Burn tour, which went on sale this past week, which went on sale this past week and sold out so fast that he’s already had to add more shows.

While demand for this tour was insanely high, the ticket sale seems to have gone much smoother than some of the high-profile clusterfucks we’ve seen in recent weeks.

Zach implemented several policies to try to avoid the disasters we’ve seen with tours like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

The biggest difference is that Zach ditched ticketing giant Ticketmaster (because as we know, ALL THE HOMIES HATE TICKETMASTER) and instead sold his tickets through AEG’s ticketing platform, AXS.

Tickets were also limited to 4 per person, and the opportunity to purchase tickets was only given via random lottery to fans who signed up for an access code. And for anyone who was lucky enough to get tickets, they’re non-transferable and can only be resold through AXS at face value, which prevents bots and scalpers from snatching up tickets from real fans just to make a quick, sleazy buck.

Oh, and the tickets were all also priced between $40 and $130, with none of that bullshit dynamic pricing that Ticketmaster uses, and fees were limited to between $10-20 per ticket (plus taxes of course…maybe Zach’s next album can be All the Homies Hate the IRS).

So Zach was out here fighting the good fight.

But of course, with such high demand, there were bound to be some fans who missed out on getting tickets and walked away from the sale disappointed – and Zach addressed those fans with one of his first tweets back too:

“I’m actually extremely sorry to anyone who didn’t get tickets, from the bottom of my heart.

Demand was very high and I’m just doing my best.

You guys are too good to me and I don’t deserve it at all.”

Good to have you back, ole son.

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