Texas Homeowners Call About “A Few” Rattlesnakes Under Their House… Turns Out To Be 45


I’ll never forget going over to my grandparents house over the years, and occasionally finding a black snake slithering across their backyard, and I’d immediately start running away in terror…

And the thing is, black snakes aren’t even venomous. They can’t even kill you, and are pretty much harmless… but just the sight of one was enough to give me cold chills.

With that being said, I couldn’t even imagine my reaction if I accidentally stumbled upon a highly venomous rattlesnake…

Let alone 45 of ’em.

But speaking of 45 rattlesnakes, this nightmare became a reality for one Texas family…

And the scary thing is, they had no idea there was that many.

According to USA Today, a family from Abilene, Texas, called the Big Country Snake Removal service about “a few” rattlesnakes that were under their house.

Owner Nathan Hawkins showed up to the house, thinking it was just gonna be another day on the job.

He even videoed himself going under the house to get the job done…

But he quickly realized the homeowners had an even bigger problem on their hands as they thought.

You can immediately see more than “a few” rattlesnakes under the house, and after a few hours of work, Hawkins believed he was nearing the end of the job, until he discovered a ton more hiding out behind a corner.

Just the thought of this gives me the creeps. Imagine what could be under your house right now, and not even realize it?

And the crazy part is, it can happen to anybody, regardless of how nice your home is.

Hawkins warned:

“Rattlesnakes don’t care how nice your house is or what kind car you drive… they care simply about survival.”


Just burn the house down…


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