Lainey Wilson Graces The Ryman Stage With Matthew West To Perform Duet Of ‘My Jesus’

Lainey Wilson country music

I’m sure you are well aware by now, but Lainey Wilson can sing anything.

She recently performed a duet with contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, Matthew West, who has waited a long time to put together a worship session at The Mother Church.

In the TBN full broadcast of the special night, Matthew opened up by saying this was a dream come true:

“How cool is my life. I’ve been dreaming of doing my own concert here for a long time… a night of worship at the Mother Church, which is what they call this historic venue.”

And he brought out a couple of guests throughout the night, including one of country’s fan favorites, Lainey, who is continuing to prove that she can duet with the best of them.

Lainey collaborated with Matthew on the popular Anne Wilson song, “My Jesus,” which they sang in a more upbeat live performance style. Matthew co-wrote the song and included it in his setlist for the Ryman.

Even though Lainey is no stranger to pouring her emotions out on stage or singing songs close to her heart, it was a captivating moment, nonetheless.

It showed a different side of Lainey who clearly felt empowered and overwhelmed by the song’s spiritual lyrics. And it’s got me brainstorming about all kinds of Carrie Underwood and Tyler Childers-like country-Christian crossovers we could see from this gal in the future.

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