George Strait Makes Surprise Appearance At Bruce Springsteen Show In Austin, Texas

George Strait Bruce Springsteen country music
Rick Kern/Getty Images

Man, talk about being lucky.

The luckiest people in the world last night might’ve been those who were in attendance at Bruce Springsteen’s show in Austin, Texas.

Why, you may ask?

Because George Strait made an appearance.

Although he didn’t perform, he was there to introduce Springsteen for his show at the Moody Center.

The two made their way onto the stage, and gave each other a quick hug, before Strait took the mic and gave Springsteen the warm welcome to his home state.

Just judging from the video, it’s easy to see that fans were in awe during the whole event, and you can even hear somebody say:

“That’s George Strait.”

Strait then proceeded to say:

“Austin, Texas! It’s my honor tonight to introduce to you a man who really needs no introduction, right?

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.”

The crowd then erupted into a massive applause.

Ya gotta love it… two legends for their genres of music on stage together? That’s simply something you can’t prepare for, you only wish George would’ve stayed on the mic long enough to do a song with The Boss.

Although Strait’s performances are few and far between nowadays, he performed at the Moody Center back in May of last year, alongside fellow country icon Willie Nelson.

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