Family Of Mountain Lions Gather Around Hot Tub In Sun Valley, Idaho

Mountain lions

Talk about a group of unwanted guests.

Imagine this… you’re enjoying the peace and quiet outside of your Sun Valley, Idaho home, chilling in your jacuzzi, having a few drinks, and winding down for the day…

Until a creature approaches you that could possibly send you to the hospital, and your night goes from zero to 100 REAL quick.

That was almost the exact scenario for this Idaho woman, when she came discovered not one, but FOUR mountain lions chilling out by her jacuzzi.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by Jordan Brown, where you can see her peering out her window, only to find a family of mountain lions.

Two of them are just walking around by the jacuzzi in the snow, while another can be seen jumping down from the top of the jacuzzi. The biggest one appears to be the mother of these 3 youngsters, but damn if that ain’t a sight to see.

I mean good Lord, this is enough to give you anxiety, even if you were protected inside the safety of your own home. Shoot, I gives me anxiety watching it from my laptop.

Of course, mountain lions typically try to avoid human interactions, but don’t get it twisted. These creatures have been known to attack of they feel threatened enough, especially considering this is a mama with her cubs, so you already know she’s in protection mode.

Just see for yourself:

@j0rdan.ok Mountain lion momma and 3 cubs in Sun Valley, ID #foryoupage #animal #ski #foryou #NextLevelDish #tiktok #relatable ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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