Charles Wesley Godwin Records Zach Bryan’s “Crooked Teeth” For Stellar New EP, ‘Live From The Church’

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Louie Nice

Nobody does it quite like Charles Wesley Godwin.

The West Virginia artist is on a meteoric trajectory in the country music scene, thanks in large part to his November 2021 record How the Mighty Fall and a recent tour in support of superstar Zach Bryan in which Godwin was able to play his amazing music in front of massive sold out crowds across the country.

Now selling out venues everywhere on his own headlining run, Godwin is fresh off of two electric sold out shows with support Bryan’s longtime friend and bandmate JR Carroll at Amos Southend in Charlotte, NC, making him the first artist to sell out back to back nights at the venue since 2005.

Despite this busy schedule though, Godwin has still found time to record some great music.

His latest project, a five song live EP Live From The Church dropped today, and like anyone needed it, it’s just more proof that Godwin is one of the best artists in all of music. And his backing band The Allegheny High isn’t too bad either…

Recorded at The Church Recording Studio, the former Overbrook Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA, Live from the Church utilizes the studio’s special sonic setting and sweet acoustics to include two awesome covers and live renditions of three of Godwin’s best songs.

The only single released off of the project prior to today, a cover of legend Chris Knight’s “The Jealous Kind” set a pretty high bar, and the other four tracks do more than their part in raising it.

“The Jealous Kind (Live from the Church)”

“Lyin’ Low (Live from the Church)”

“Jesse (Live from the Church)”

“Crooked Teeth (Live from the Church)”

“Temporary Town (Live from the Church)”

CWG also announced on Instagram not too long ago that he and the band were already working on his third studio album as well, and while there aren’t many details out there on it yet, he did confirm that it would be released at some point this year.

Judging by his YouTube, Godwin is sitting on quite the collection of unreleased songs, and he’s been playing a lot of them live on this current tour.

While I don’t know what music he will choose to include on the record, check out one of my favorite unreleased songs he’s been playing lately.

Charles Wesley Godwin and The Allegheny High have been on quite the ride over the last couple years, and the momentum is only getting stronger. Make sure to catch them live when you can, because not only are they one of the best live bands out there, but I have a feeling that with each tour the venues will only get bigger and the tickets will only become harder to get.

And while we await the release of his next full length project, make sure to keep jamming this Live From the Church EP.

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