Sprinting Wolves Keep Pace With Car On A Snowy Canadian Road

Wolf sprint

Look at those things go.

I certainly wouldn’t want one chasing after me.

Wolves are one of the most iconic animals in the world. These impressive predators are known for their size, hunting abilities, intelligence and their social tendencies, having once roamed over 2/3rds of the continental United States and pretty much all of Canada.

They have few natural predators and can take down prey many times their size by utilizing their strength in numbers

Wolves are the largest members of the canine family, with adult males weighing up to 120 pounds, standing up to 3 feet tall at the shoulder and between 4-5 feet in length. They have a muscular build, a dense coat of fur that ranges from gray to black, and large, powerful jaws that are capable of crushing bones.

Wolves are also known for their endurance and speed and are capable of running for miles at a time in pursuit of prey. They are able to reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest animals in the wild.

You can see just how fast that is in a video captured by a woman headed to work in Behchoko, Northern Territories, Canada a few years back.

This car was driving along a Canadian highway when it came across some wolves that were just given’er. I mean, a full on, dead sprint along the shoulder of the road.

The man is cruising along and catches up to one of the wolves, that hilariously looks over at him and just keeps on hauling ass down the road. The man keeps driving and catches up to the next wolf that is flying at top speed too.

The fact it wasn’t easy to catch them in a car is pretty amazing. The fact that they can sustain that fast speed over a long distance like this is even more impressive…

And bad news for the elk, deer, and other prey species they’re gonna be running down.

Wolf Tries To Steal Meal From A Sleeping Brown Bear

Don’t poke the bear…

Really, wolves and brown bears aren’t that different. They are both apex predators, who live to hunt and eat. They are both incredibly smart and strong compared to most of the animal kingdom, and both are fairly territorial especially with their food.

The real difference is size. These two are European sub-species, relatives of the wolves and brown bears in North America. These bears can weigh up to 500-pounds while the wolves max out around 80-pounds so a massive difference when it comes to a fight and competitive advantage.

This wolf is seen approaching a sleeping bear. You notice the bear is laying near down near something that is seemingly buried, AKA a prized possession.

Brown bears love to bury their kills and come back at another time for meals. Big cats like mountain lions and bobcats do the same. Often times other animals will try to claim the food as their own, but that’s an easy way to start a fight in a hurry… especially when your target belong to a bear.

This wolf, despite being on the young and skinny side (almost looks like a coyote), has some serious balls, though. He’s going up to a brown bear that is directly on its kill, thinking its going to steal a meal from right under his nose.

The bear quickly wakes up and is not impressed. I mean, for an animal that runs hot to begin with, this is a terrible way for him to wake up.

The wolf proceeds with caution but the bear simply stands on the kill and grits its teeth at the wolf as if to say “try me.”

The wolf tries multiple angles but has no luck at all and is eventually chased off.

It ain’t  easy trying to rob a bear… but hey, can’t blame this hungry fella for trying.

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