Seal Slaps The Ever Loving Tar Out Of A Kayaker… With An Octopus

Kayaker seal

Can you imagine…

It’s a beautiful day, so you and your buddies decide to hit the water for some good ole fashioned kayaking.

Get some sun, fresh air, a bit of a workout, and hey, you may even see some cool wildlife.

Well, for one poor guy in Kaikoura, New Zealand, the cool wildlife turned out to be pretty uncool.

While we don’t get too much context before the clip, it seems a group of kayakers was out minding their own business when a seal started swimming in between them. But it wasn’t empty handed.

The seal had just caught the day’s dinner and seemed to be a bit threatened by the kayaker’s presence, so he did what any self-respecting seal does in this situation.

Slaps the kayaker IN THE FACE with the octopus. You heard that right, the seal slapped a kayaker right in the chops with an OCTOPUS.

If it wasn’t caught on camera there’s no way anyone would believe him, but the proof is right in front of us, it’s even in slow motion.

The guy seemed to be fine and quite honestly looked to enjoy it a bit, probably knowing it’s going to be a hell of a story and pumped it was caught on tape.

And while I know it may not be great to say about an animal attacking a human, I just can’t. stop. laughing.

He got slapped in the face WITH AN OCTOPUS.

My goodness, this is why the internet and the great outdoors go together so well…. viral videos just like this.

Enjoy everyone, and keep an eye out for those octopus wielding seals…

Man, it’s brutal out here.

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