Man Hilariously Films “Proof For The Doctors” As His Wife Approaches A Big Bull Moose


You can’t help someone out that is acting like this.

You hate to see it… just leave the moose alone, it can run you over.

Moose are the largest members of the deer family, with adult males weighing in at an average of 1,200 pounds and standing over six feet tall at the shoulder. They have distinctive paddle like antlers that can span over six feet across.

Moose are generally not aggressive towards humans, but they can become defensive if they feel threatened or cornered. Unfortunately, many tourists are drawn to these animals and attempt to get too close for a better view or to take a selfie. This can be incredibly dangerous, as moose are unpredictable due to poor eyesight and highly protective instincts.

This woman even had her own husband telling her not to do it, and she still couldn’t help herself.

And he was hilarious about it.

As the woman is seen walking towards a big ol’ bull moose, antlers still covered in velvet as it grazes the tree tops, her husband chimes in with some A+ commentary:

“Here’s my wife that thinks it’s okay to pet a moose… this is proof for the doctors of what her bodily injuries are from.”

He knows…

“Yeah, this a ‘what not to do’ video folks… Moose ass kickin’ 101.”

I can picture the man just shaking his head with out even seeing him.

Lucky for her (and him), the moose didn’t charge her, nor did she try to get any closer… at least from what we can tell in the video.

Some people learn the hard way… but not today, folks.

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