Damar Hamlin Awkwardly Declines To Say What Doctors Told Him Caused His Cardiac Arrest: “Something I’m Going To Stay Away From”

Damar Hamlin

Back in January, the NFL world was shaken to its core when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field against the Cincinnati Bengals.

He was down on the field for nearly 10 minutes receiving life-saving treatments including defibrillation and CPR, was resuscitated twice, once on the field and once when he got to the hospital, and it became probably the most frightening scene we’ve ever witnessed on the football field.

Ultimately, Hamlin was able to make a full recovery and expects to be playing football again next year.

However, since the cardiac arrest, many have speculated on what exactly caused it, considering Hamlin is only 24 and in peak physical condition.

One of the most popular theories is Commotio Cordis, which is essentially perfectly-timed blunt force trauma to the heart that interrupts the normal rhythm and stops the heart.

A very rare occurrence that is much more common in sports like baseball, softball and hockey where the projectile is smaller than say a shoulder pad or the helmet of Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins.

And another is of course, the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s no secret that there at least seems to be an uptick in heart-related medical problems among athletes since 2020. The CDC even reports that myocarditis and pericarditis are rare, but possible, side-effects of the vaccine, and that they continue to monitor and study the data.

But, if you were looking for some answers, Hamlin is not willing to discuss it.

The Bills safety sat down with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America, and Strahan asked the question:

“You’re 24, in peak physical condition, could run circles around me right now… how did doctors describe what happened to you?”

That’s when Hamlin, after a very long and awkward pause, said:

“Ummm… That’s something I’m going to stay away from.”

Strahan then followed up by saying that NFL players are constantly scanned and checked out, and asked if Hamlin ever had any heart issues prior to the Bengals game:

“I know from my experiences in the NFL, they do more tests than anything. And in the course of you having your physical, did anybody ever come back with any, saying you had a heart issue or anything that was abnormal?”

Hamlin said:

“Honestly no. I’ve always been the young, fit, energetic human being, let alone athlete.

It was something that we’re just still processing, and still talking through with my doctors just to see what everything was.”

Regardless of what it was, it’s easy to see that Hamlin is not ready to have that conversation yet. Visibly uncomfortable, he seemed very hesitant to say anything that would get him fined or in trouble.

And that’s fine, he can say whatever he wants, but the sketchy answer only goes to further people’s speculation that other factors are at play here.

Something tells me we’re going to see a whole lot more memes like this in the near future:

You can check out the full conversation here:

Adrian Peterson Calls Damar Hamlin’s Super Bowl Jacket Blasphemy: I Find This Disrespectful”

What’s the Super Bowl without just a little bit of drama, amirite?

Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles and claimed the Super Bowl 57 Champion title, but Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was also in attendance at the game.

He was introduced ahead of kickoff to a very warm welcome from fans, who cheered for him as he waived to a full stadium.

Damar suffered a very public cardiac arrest on the field a few weeks ago when the Bills took on the Bengals in Week 17, and miraculously recovered quite quickly, and was looking like the picture of health at the game.

The 24-year-old even sat with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during the game, and donned a Takashi Murakami brand “Travis Jesus” jacket, which featured a picture of a very abstract crucifix on the back and read:

“Without the end or beginning there is no day and there is no night.”

And one former NFL running back in Adrian Peterson, who is the league’s fifth all-time leading rusher, did not appreciate the sentiment.

Adrian posted a photo of Damar’s jacket on his own personal Instagram page, calling it “blasphemy” and saying Damar was being “disrespectful,” as he felt it was it was against their religion (they have both been outspoken about their Christian faith), saying it was God who helped Damar survive and recover:

“You should be thanking God son! This is Blasphemy!! We all fall short but cmon man! I find this disrespectful!! #grateful #goddid”

That comment has since been edited, and there is an entirely new explanation now, where Adrian says that he didn’t mean to pass judgment and he has since spoken to Damar about it personally.

He also apologized for offending him, and said he want to be a mentor to younger NFL players by setting a good example:

“So I spoke with Damar, and we were able to discuss our thoughts as men. I want to be clear, I’m the last person to judge anyone, and that was never my intention. However, I do feel as if the jacket was disrespectful and it was something that I needed to share.

I do realize everyone makes mistakes and falls short at times, so again, my intention was never to judge, just to share my opinion. Damar, I have respect and love for you and I wish you nothing but the best, but I just can’t rock with that jacket.

I feel like there are a lot people, young and old, looking up to you and with power and influence comes great responsibility. I apologize for offending you, I just felt offended in that moment as a man who loves and respects our Lord and Savior, Yeshua.

After speaking with Damar, I have an understanding that it didn’t come from a place of ill intent! #grateful #god #forgiveness.”

In a separate comment on his own post, Adrian added that he felt the statement was made very intentionally, and he did not believe Damar wore the design by mistake:

“But this was different! I know young people don’t think at times, older as well! But with everything surrounding his situation!! This isn’t one of those moments where it’s a young guy not thinking!”

Damar shared this photo himself ahead of the game, calling it a “blessing” to be at the Super Bowl:

Damar has plans to return to the field eventually, telling ESPN ahead of kickoff yesterday:

“Eventually. That’s always the goal, like I said, as a competitor, you know, I’m trying to do things to keep advancing my situation.

But I’m allowing that to be in God’s hands. I’m just thankful he gave me a second chance.”

He was there to support his childhood friend and Eagles star running back Miles Sanders:

He shared an apologetic statement regarding the jacket:

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