Baby Artic Fox Steals Ice Fisherman’s Catch Right Out Of The Hole

Baby fox

I would let this fox steal my fish any day.

It is just so cute, I want to take one of these guys home.

Arctic foxes are adorable creatures are known for their distinctive white coats, their playful behavior, and their amazing ability to survive in the Artic.

Arctic foxes are small, compact animals that are well adapted to life in the Arctic. They can weigh up to 17 pounds and are about the size of a small domestic cat. Despite their small size, Arctic foxes are incredibly tough, as they are able to survive in temperatures that can drop as low as -58°F.

Opportunistic predators, they will eat a variety of food, including lemmings, fish, birds, and anything that is dead. Arctic foxes are generally shy and cautious around humans, but they can be curious and will sometimes approach people in search of food.

This young artic fox is seen approaching and ice fisherman, who talks louder trying to spook the small creature.

It startles a bit but keeps coming closer on the move for something. It walks right up to the ice fishing hole but the fisherman yells, making it jump back and forth deciding what to do.

The fox doesn’t stop and the man eventually laughs and lets it gobble down one of his freshly caught fish.

It would just be hard to say no to an animal like that.

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