One Of Rihanna’s Dancers Nearly Fell A** Backwards Off The Floating Platform During Super Bowl Performance

Rihanna stage

Yep, this is enough to make your heart skip a beat.

Pop mega star Rihanna performed the Super Bowl halftime show this past Sunday, performing basically every single hit she has…

And she did it all while being several months pregnant.

Of course, she had about a million minion-looking dancers dressed in all white that were scattered out all across the football field, which was kind of odd…

But nevertheless, it was still a solid performance overall. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst in recent memory.

And speaking of those “minion-looking dancers,” one of them had a near death experience that only few picked up on.

While Rihanna was performing her feature in Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights,” the world famous singer and several other dancers were suspended by platforms, high above the football field.

Needless to say, one misstep and it could’ve resulted in serious injury, or even death.

And one of those dancers did have a misstep, and was only inches away from falling several feet.

You can see it all in this video. You can see one of the dancers going all out on the suspended platform, and almost completely lose balance before catching themselves.

I mean seriously, the dancer’s head is basically hanging over the edge… are these dudes strapped in? Doesn’t seem like it…

That could’ve gotten ugly QUICK.

After the halftime show, the Kansas City Chiefs went on to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

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