Georgia Hunter Sustains 298 Puncture Wounds After Three Dogs Attacked Him Near Deer Stand

Deer hunter

This sounds like an absolute nightmare.

According to Field & Stream, a Georgia hunter is recovering from serious injuries to his legs, arms, and hands after a pack of loose dogs attacked him while he was trying to relocate a deer stand on a hunting property he leased.

The 61-year-old had 298 puncture wounds and a severed ligament in his hand after the attack lasted up to 15 minutes.

Once he was finally able to escape, he was able to flag down a driver on the road, and they helped transfer him to the hospital.

The hunter said he was in the process of removing the straps from his ladder stand when he saw three dogs approaching him:

“One of them came in and attacked me. When it did, the other two joined in. They were attacking me from all three sides. It was kind of like wolf-mentality.

They were in a complete frenzy. I was doing anything I could to fight them off.”

With his phone back in the ATV, Scott tried screaming for help, but nobody was nearby to hear him.

Scott finally was able to grab a stick and keep the dogs back enough to run towards another ladder stand that was on an adjoining piece of property.

He continued:

“The were still biting me, but spinning with that stick kept them from teaming up and keeping me stuck in one place.

As I was going up the ladder stand, I told myself that I really needed to hold on tight to the rungs because the dogs are going to be jumping on my backside and trying to pull me down– and if they did, I’d probably never get away.”

He sat in the stand for around 30 minutes, waiting for the dogs to run off.

After they did so, he climbed back down. However, the dogs heard him moving and returned. He got back in the stand and waited for another 30 minutes. He then took off for the nearby highway where he was able to flag down a car for help.

As traumatizing as the situation was, Scott said that he wouldn’t let the situation keep him out of the woods for good. However, next time, he’ll be more prepared with a side arm, bear spray, and a hunting buddy.

All three dogs, two pit bulls and a German shepherd, were reportedly euthanized, and their owner was ticketed for possession of dangerous animals.

The battle wounds are not for the faint of heart…

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