Darius Rucker Blasts “Grown Men” Wearing Hats During Chris Stapleton’s Super Bowl National Anthem Performance: “That Really Sucked”

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If you live out in a cave in the woods and somehow missed the Super Bowl, and you’re receiving this message via carrier pigeon, then you should know that Chris Stapleton put together one phenomenal rendition of the national anthem this past weekend.

In fact, it was so impressive that it brought Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni to tears:

I think it’s safe to say that this may have been the greatest Super Bowl national anthem performance by any country artist to ever play on that stage, and Stapleton admitted to having a great time out there himself:

“Man, it felt great. It really did. The energy was good and the crowd was hyped up for the game, so that kind of gets you ready to go.”

However, Stapleton also admitted that he’s not sure if he can go back and watch it:

“I don’t know if I can watch it, man. I try not to watch myself back too much.”

He received a ton of praise for his performance across all of social media.

And one person who was sending praise his way, was no other than fellow country singer Darius Rucker. However, Rucker pointed out one flaw with the crowd during Stapleton’s rendition:

“I just saw grown men keep their hats on during the National Anthem and that really sucked. Awesome job Chris Stapleton you killed it!”

And needless to say, a ton of fans responded to Rucker’s comments as well:

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