Read The Valentine’s Day Poem Johnny Cash Wrote For June Carter In 1987

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There are few relationships that are more storied than the marriage between Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

The two met backstage at the Grand Ole Opry back in 1956, although they were both married to different people at the time, Johnny was with Vivian Liberto, and June Carter was with Edwin Nix.

However, by 1967 Cash and Liberto had divorced, and June Carter was already divorced from Nix, and the two struck up their romance.

Nearly a year later, Cash proposed to Carter while they were playing a show in London, Ontario, Canada, and by February 1968, the two were married.

The two were also great on stage together, and released a number of duet albums, like Carryin’ On with Johnny Cash and June Carter, Johnny Cash and His Woman, Johnny & June, and Return to the Promised Land.

They also had a number of hit songs together, most notably “Jackson” and “If I Were A Carpenter.”

The two had only one child together, John Carter Cash, who was born in 1970, and they remained married until their deaths in 2003. In fact, Johnny passed away just a few months after her, still grieving the loss of his bride.

Although trying at times, as every marriage is, the two were deeply in love with each other.

And speaking of a prime example of that, just check out this Valentine’s Day poem that Johnny wrote for June Carter back in 1987.

It reads:


Valentines is fine

But you being mine

Is more fine

Thine, Johnny”

Ya gotta respect it… short and simple.

Take notes, fellas.

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