Post Malone Was Turned Away From Australian Bar Because Of His Tattoos, So He Went Next Door And Bought His Fans Drinks

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Adam Degross

Post Malone is honestly one of the most likable guys in the music business.

Anytime you see an interview with him, he’s always so engaging and kind, and I’ve really never heard a bad word about him.

He is famously covered in tattoos, even on his face, and I guess that can be off putting to some people… especially the staff at QT Perth’s rooftop bar, a fancy, high-end bar, in Australia over the weekend.

Apparently, his tattoos went against their dress code, which prohibits “face, neck and offensive tattoos,” so they turned him away.

Post Malone talked to the West Australian earlier today, telling the paper that he’s never “experienced anything like that” before:

“They turned me away for my tattoos. I’ve never really experienced anything like that.”

Imagine being the bar that turned Post Malone away… the guy is a global superstar and you won’t let him come in because he has tattoos?

I mean, I get that rules are rules, but SHEESH… there’s no way all this bad press is a better look than doing that, even if it went against their supposed dress code.

Of course, Posty being the gem of a human that he is, really didn’t seem to take it too personally, and he left there and headed to another club nearby, buying drinks for fans and celebrating the end of his six-date tour run in Australia.

Posty’s most recent tattoo is of his daughters initials, “DDP,” on his forehead:

And of course, not long after Post put out a statement, QT Hotel apologized for the incident, telling The Daily Mail:

“At QT, we aim to welcome everyone and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. QT has been recognized for this for many years.

However, on Saturday night, our third-party security did not exercise the appropriate discretion, and we take full responsibility for this.

We sincerely apologize to the individuals affected.”

While it’s certainly an embarrassing look for the hotel and bar, to say the least, how can you not love the fact that Posty just went on to the next place and bought drinks for his fans?

A class act… you gotta love it.

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A beer bottle on a dock