NFL Fans Go Scorched Earth On Terry Bradshaw For Telling Chiefs Coach Andy Reid To “Waddle Over Here”

Andy Reid Terry Bradshaw Super Bowl

Last night, we witnessed another epic Super Bowl, as the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to a game winning field goal by Harrison Butker in the final seconds, as the Chiefs won 38-35.

It was an action packed game that kept our attention from the first few seconds of the game to the last few seconds, and that’s just about all you could ask for if you aren’t a Chiefs or Eagles fan.

However, there was one wild moment at the Lombardi Trophy podium that was overlooked by many, and it came from no other than Hall of Fame quarterback and current NFL analyst, Terry Bradshaw.

During the trophy ceremony, Bradshaw poked a little fun at Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, as he made a lowkey joke about Reid’s weight, saying:

“Let me get the big guy in here. Come on… waddle over here.”

He then told Reid that he could “have a cheeseburger on us” for winning the biggest sporting event of the year.

Of course, Bradshaw is known for sharing a few meaningless jokes here and there, and that’s why we all love the guy as an analyst.

And, it’s no secret that Andy Reid loves to eat… he even said he was excited to play in Germany next year so he could eat a bratwurst.

But nevertheless, pretty out of bounds from Bradshaw… I mean, the dude just won the Super Bowl and you’re busting his balls about his weight on live TV?

Should Bradshaw have restrained himself from making those comments? Probably. But judging by both of their reactions, it’s pretty easy to see Reid took it all as a joke.

Nevertheless, Twitter wasn’t having it:

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