Bird Defends Nest By Savagely Pecking Out The Eyes Of A Snake

Snake bird attack

That is some crazy stuff…

The bird has had enough of whatever this snake did and is fighting back.

The Grey-headed Bushshrike is a colorful bird found in sub-Saharan Africa. This bird is known for its grey head, its bold coloration, a long, slender tail and a powerful beak that it uses to forage for food and to defend its nest.

The Grey-headed Bushshrike is also solitary bird that is highly territorial and fiercely defends its nest from intruders. This bird is known for its fearless defense of its nest and its willingness to fight off much larger predators.

A common predator includes snakes, which often try to invade the nest to steal its eggs or chicks.

Here, this bird is seen firmly gripping the head of a long green snake on a road, which appears to a be an Angolan green snake, but could be a highly venomous boomslang. The snake breaks free and turns away as it tries to make a break for it.

The bird heads start for its face though and gains control of the situation by grabbing right ahold of its eyes.

This is a dirty fighting bird… whatever the snake did, it’s personal.

The snake tries to break free and has visible eye wounds from this relentless creature. The snake is disoriented and the bird comes back for more. It just doesn’t stop.

The snake can’t get away and its up bleeding out of both eyes from the vicious attacks.

This clearly shows that nothing should mess with this little violent bird.

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