Super Bowl Will Feature The First All-Women Flyover During National Anthem


The flyover is one of the neatest moments of any big game.

And every year it’s part of Super Bowl tradition. The giant flag, the coveted singing of the National Anthem, and the military flyover synchronize for a patriotic beginning to the final game of football for the year.

This year’s flyover is even more special and electrifying because for the first time it will be led by an entirely female crew.

The US Navy assembled the team of women that will complete the task in honor of 50 years of women flying for the branch. 1973 marked the first eight women beginning flight school, and later six of them completed the schooling earning their wings of gold and the title “The First Six.”

In an interview one of the Naval Flight Officers, Lieutenant Katie Martinez, felt overwhelmed trying to explain the magnitude of the opportunity and what it represents:

“It’s not a feeling I can even put into words. It doesn’t get bigger than the Super Bowl, and I am humbled and honored to be able to participate with my friends and fellow Naval Aviators as part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

This is guaranteed to be an iconic moment.

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