Lainey Wilson’s “Check Check Check” Video Gives Fans Insight On Some Of Her Favorite Things

Lainey Wilson country music

Well, this is the cutest little video series from Amazon Music.

Amazon Music sat down with the country music sensation, Lainey Wilson, to get to know her a little better during “Check Check Check.”

I think it’s safe to say that most fans know a bit about Wilson as she is a very open book, but nether the less; it is always still fun to learn some more about the artists we love.

The cheeky video takes the viewer through Wilson answering her top three things from places to write, hidden talents, and even overused southern phrases.

Wilson hilariously responds to the southern phrases prompt with:

“Y’all know it ain’t just three. It’s my whole dang vocabulary. 

But if I had to choose, it’s probably, y’all, ain’t, and sister.”

The short and sweet video can’t help but make you smile.

Lainey Wilson is not only a talented singer and songwriter but is authentically herself, which appeals to her fans so well. She embraces her roots and who she is, making her so lovable.

Protect Lainey Wilson at all costs.

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