Black Bear Gets Shocked At The Top Of Power Pole, Falls Off And Somehow Survives In Classic Video

Black bear

That had to hurt… he’s gonna feel that one in the morning…

I can’t believe this bear didn’t take the big one after a jolt and a fall like that. He had to be some kind of stiff hitting the ground.

Black bears are one of the coolest creatures around, incredibly intelligent, strong and able.

Adults can weigh anywhere from 100 to 600 pounds, with males being larger than females. Despite their size, black bears are surprisingly agile and can climb trees with ease, using their front claws to cling to the trunk and back legs to push upwards. This ability allows them to escape from danger and to reach food that many animals can’t get.

Black bears have also been known to climb power poles, which can be a dangerous and even deadly activity for them. When black bears climb power poles they are often looking for food or a place to rest. They could also be attracted to the humming sound or the smell of electrical equipment, which can mimic natural food sources like beehives. Climbing power poles can be extremely dangerous for bears, as they can be electrocuted or suffer burns from the high voltage electrical wires.

This is a throw back video from 15-years ago. But, it is downright amazing.

This black bear is seen climbing high up onto the top of power pole. The bear digs around and bits at the lines and other gear on top.

All at wants, he hits the right spot. A large jolt goes off, electricity comes flying out and the bear goes stiff. It falls hard and fast to the ground below.

Much to everyone’s amazement, it actually ends up surviving.

Towards the end of the video, they show us the footage of the release.



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