Bald Eagle Snatches Fish From Hungry Otter

Eagle otter

Bald eagles are no joke.

The majestic national bird of the good old US of A is clearly one of the most beautiful creatures patrolling the skyways, but they pack quite the punch when it comes to hunting.

We’ve seen these predators take out deer, defend the homeland from invading Canadian geese, and even fight coyotes, but they’re not always looking for a fight.

Sometimes they just want an easy meal, like this guy who noticed an otter had caught a fish and was munching it on the shoreline.

Bald eagles use their excellent vision to spot fish from great distances before they move in for the kill. Bald eagles have vision estimated at 4 to 5 times better than humans, called 20/5 vision.

They’ll swoop down at high speeds and grab fish right near the surface of the water, but in this video we see their cunning side.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the eagle flies down at the unsuspecting otter, who is so thrown off it has no option but to retreat to the water where it’s much safer.

But in the retreat, it drops its meal, which is exactly what the bald eagle was hoping for.

It calmly turns around and snatches the floating fish from the surface, where it stands proudly for a moment, maybe hoping someone is admiring its work, then gobbles the fish down for a little snack.

Just can’t get enough bald eagle videos.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock