Shania Twain Recalls Miracle Throat Surgery That Brought Her Voice Back: “Now I Can Swear Really Loudly”

Shania Twain country music

Shania Twain is officially back.

The Queen of Pop Country officially dropped her latest album, Queen Of Me, her first project since 2017.

However, what many people may not know is that she was almost on the verge of never singing again.

Back in 2003, Twain caught a bacterial infection after she was bitten by a tick when she was out horseback riding in Norfolk, Virginia.

She ultimately lost her voice for awhile, and thought that she may not ever be able to sing again.

Seven years later, she was officially diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and it had severely damaged her vocal cords.

Since the diagnosis, Twain received a number of throat surgeries so that she could get her voice back to 100%, but the surgery back in 2018 was the one that officially got it done.

She recently made an appearance on an episode of The Graham Norton Show, where she discussed the terrifying surgery, knowing that so much was on the line.

She said:

“The operation was very invasive, and I’ve got a big scar that I am proud of. I’m very happy to have a scar rather than no voice.

The surgery was a miracle, and I am so grateful. Going back into a studio after the operation was a discovery and I was re-learning voice.

I can get very loud and now I can swear really loudly!”

She also has a train named after her:

It looks like ol’ Shania has officially gotten her mojo back, and she’s gearing up to kickoff her Queen of Me tour this spring.

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