Kelly Clarkson Roasts Tom Brady For “Thirst Trap” Photo At NFL Honors

Kelly Clarkson

Welp, yet another thing we never thought we’d see happened last night.

And it wasn’t Kirk Cousins saying we could win a Super Bowl…

The NFL Honors were held last night, where players from around the league are given certain awards, but honestly, it’s mostly to goof off, get on the mic, and embarrass yourself.

George Kittle took home the award for worst performance of the night, by far…


Well, at the end of the night, it appeared the show was wrapping up when none other than Vikings QB Kirk Cousins walked out on stage and started singing an ode (or sorts) to Tom Brady, who finally retired after 23 extraordinarily successful seasons in the NFL.

And while most of the song centered around teams finally being able to compete “Now that he’s gone” Kelly just couldn’t help but poke fun at Brady for a certain picture he posted not long after hanging up the cleats…

“For the GOAT, that’s a wrap
Now he just posts thirst traps”

Not bad… not bad at all.

Shoutout Kelly Clarkson, she’s truly a national treasure.

Check out Kelly’s cover of Sierra Ferrell’s “Jeremiah” during the Kellyoke segment of her TV show.

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