Julian Edelman Says Tom Brady Made Him Cry After First Ever NFL Practice: “Catch The F*cking Ball Julian”

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Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Not gonna lie, I’m absolutely loving these old Tom Brady stories that have been resurfacing, now that he’s officially retired from the NFL.

Yesterday, we learned that the former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback got bit in the leg by a Navy SEAL team 6 dog, while the SEALs were doing training at Gillette Stadium back in 2011.

And here we are once again, and this time it’s a story from one of Brady’s favorite wide receiver targets, Julian Edelman.

This story dates all the way back to 2009, during Edelman’s rookie season with the New England Patriots, at his first ever NFL practice.

The former wide receiver recalled the story while making an appearance on the Games with Names podcast:

“First pass ever from Tom (Brady). They put in a package with four receivers, a four wide group, and they gave me a play. This was like, I never played receiver, but they created a package for me and they’re like ‘Alright Edelman get in.’

And I run like a hook route, and Tom darts it on me and I tried to run before I had it, because I wanted to, you know, I wanted to do something with it. I dropped the ball.

He goes ‘Catch the f*cking ball Julian!’ I went home and cried. I felt pretty sh*tty for four days. It took me so long to earn his trust after that f*cking play. It took me like three years to earn his trust.”

Man, talk about a rough start to your NFL career. You’re already in the doghouse with the GOAT quarterback, and it’s only day one?

Talk about brutal.

You can check out the full conversation here:

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