Rob Gronkowski On Tom Brady’s Underwear Pic: “You Gotta Show The Package Tom”

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Take a lesson from Gronk.

Last summer, Tom Brady jokingly promised the Brady Brand underwear company that if he got a certain amount of likes on a tweet, he would post a picture of himself modeling in their underwear:

“40k likes and I’ll recreate these photos. Unrelated but can you guys send me some more of the socks”

And needless to say, the Brady Brand wasn’t going to forget about the deal, as they brought it back up again last week, with a tweet saying:

“Hey Tom Brady we haven’t forgotten about this.”

So, Brady remained true to his word, responding with a mirror pic of him stripped down to nothing but his underwear, and called out former teammates Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman as well:

“Did I do it right?”

And now, Gronkowski himself is weighing in on the revealing pics from his former quarterback.

The former Patriots and Buccaneers tight end hilariously joked on Entertainment Tonight:

“I don’t think he did it right… his hand is not in the right place. He’s covering up a little bit. You’re not supposed to be covering up.

You gotta show the package Tom.”

He also added that this was a pretty left field move from Brady, saying:

“It’s uncharacteristic of him for sure. But that’s what we love about Tom.

When he throws a curveball, it’s always for the fun and it’s always great to see him doing that.”

And there’s a good chance that antics like this won’t be ending anytime soon, as Brady announced that he won’t be joining the FOX Sports team as a lead football analyst until 2024.

So needless to say, the guy is gonna have a lot of time on his hands.

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