Zach Bryan’s Twitter Mysteriously Disappears & Fans Are LOSING It

Zach Bryan country music

The million dollar question is…

What in the hell happened to Zach Bryan’s Twitter?

The young country star is currently at the top of his game, after most recently releasing his highly anticipated fan favorite “Dawns,” featuring Maggie Rogers.

Not to mention, the guy is known for constantly connecting with his fans through social media, which sets him apart from the majority of country music stars.

However, people began to notice yesterday that he was no longer able to be located on Twitter, and whenever you try to click on his account, it comes back saying:

“This account doesn’t exist”

Considering we didn’t hear from Zach beforehand, there’s curiosity to if he got banned, hacked, or simply decided to hop off the platform for a while.

Not to mention, Bryan has always been known for being completely transparent with his fans, so personally I find it hard to believe that the guy just lowkey deleted the app without mentioning he was gonna do so first.

But, you also never know what’s going through people’s minds.

Nevertheless, fans have been trying to figure out what’s been going on as well:

This one didn’t age well…

Also, didn’t age well…

I mean, if he did intentionally take a break (and for your own sanity, I can completely understand why you’d want to) I imagine he’ll be back before the Super Bowl….

Is he really just gonna dip right before the Eagles have their shot at the title? I don’t think so…

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