This Might Be The Best Morgan Wallen “Canceled” Joke Of All Time

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Yep, this is absolute gold.

Barstool Sports has built itself quite the sports empire in recent years, cranking out tons and tons sports and pop culture content across its various platforms.

But for me, Sundae Conversation is one of the best content series they produce.

Led by Caleb Pressley, he brings on a celebrity for an incredibly awkward, yet also hilarious conversation, while fellow Barstool employee Glenny Balls eats an ice cream sundae in the background (usually dressed in some kind of funny, but relevant to the guest, attire).

And for their latest edition, they brought on Morgan Wallen, and it might be their best work to date.

To kick off the interview, Pressley talks about bugs that interfere while hunting out in the woods, and he hilariously said:

“I know what you’d do if there was a bug… go down to Alabama and smooch some sorority sisters.”

And Wallen responded:

“I did, I wasn’t scared of that bug either.”

Wallen was famously caught kissing a bunch of sorority girls in Alabama back in 2020, and considering it was the height of COVID, the move got his appearance on Saturday Night Live postponed.

He appeared on the show a few months later alongside Ozark’s Jason Bateman, in a sketch that mocked his own party shenanigans.

And then Pressley added:

“Why do you think all these Alabama dudes got mad at you for kissing their sister? They did it!”

Ahh, ya gotta love the classic Alabama inbred jokes. Been done a million times before, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… you know what I mean?

However, perhaps the funniest part was when Pressley subtly joked about how Wallen got “canceled” over his N-word incident in early 2021, and yet still saw in insane rise in fame among country fans.

After Pressley asked Wallen if he could donate to his “More Than My Hometown” Foundation, he pulled out his credit card and said:

“This is my Morgan Wallen card… it’s canceled, but it still works somehow.”


Even Morgan himself was dying with laughter.

Caleb also looked genuinely stunned that Morgan has 36 songs on his next album… looked like he was about to drop an f-bomb there, a rare break from character for him.

Absolute GOLD.

You can check out the full interview below:

Morgan was actually on the show a previous time, a few years back in 2020:

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