Riley Green Teases Clip Of Longtime Fan-Favorite Unreleased Song “They Don’t Make Them Like That No More”

Riley Green country music

Just release it already, Riley.

Riley Green has been holding out on releasing his unreleased “They Don’t Make Them Like That No More” for quite a while now, and he just put an old acoustic video up on Instagram, so I’m hoping that means we might finally be getting a real studio cut soon.

He actually played the song on his awesome Golden Saw Music Hall series (which he should really bring back for a third season, by the way) back in 2020, as well as at a few other media appearances years ago.

“They Don’t” quickly became a fan-favorite, and along with a few other unreleased gems, has been one they’ve begged him to put out for quite a while now.

Really, it’s been quite a while since we’ve gotten much brand new music from him at all, aside from a few one-off singles last year, which included “Miles on Main,” “Wild Woman,” “I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight,” and “Get Back Home.”

He put out his Behind The Bar EP in 2021, as well as a live album last year, We Out Here: Live.

Riley released his debut studio album Different ‘Round Here back in 2019, so I’d say we’re well overdue for a sophomore record any day now… and I’m more than ready for it.

“Who remembers this one? #countrymusic #weouthere #theydontmakeemlikethatnomore.”

Let’s just hope this is possibly the beginning of much more to come…

Definitely check out the Golden Saw performance of it if you haven’t seen it before:

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